• In recognition of SAGA’s success in building solidarity with actor unions around the world and in maintaining its affiliate membership of the International Federation of Actors (FIA), IMDbPro has, once again, agreed to provide access to our members at an exclusive 25% discount. But this deal expires 31 December 2019!

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  • For the first time in South Africa, there is the possibility of a statutory mechanism that secures the economic content of the rights that performers are routinely required to transfer to the producer. Through the Copyright Amendment Bill we have a realistic hope of negotiating equitable contracts.

  • SAGA is drawing attention to an industry in crisis, with 78% of women working in film and TV saying they are discriminated against because of their gender. It's video series pull back the veil of magic around the world of cinema to reveal that women both on camera and behind the camera face often insurmountable obstacles to succeeding.

  • The Copyright Amendment Bill and the Performers Protection Amendment Bill ensure that actors will never again be forced to sign away all their rights.  But international and local media organizatio

Now in its 10th year, the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) is a powerful, unified voice for actors in the film, television, stage, commercial and corporate sectors in South Africa.

Join SAGA and use your voice!

The South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) is a powerful, unified voice for actors in the film, television, stage, commercial and corporate sectors in South Africa. The Guild exists to promote professionalism in the performance industry, and to protect and enhance actors' working conditions, compensation and benefits.


  SAGA upholds the excellence and harnesses the passion of the performance industry. We're offer the opportunity to take part in professional acting workshops throughout the year.
  SAGA organises breakfasts and social events throughout the year so that our members are able to meet up, exchange ideas, grow their networks and explore job opportunities
  Parliamentary lobbying and global support when it comes to protecting your legislated rights (through SAGA's membership of FIA, the International Federation of Actors)
  Representation/assistance with contractual disputes; if formally employed, assistance in grievance, disciplinary, CCMA and Labour Court cases and retrenchment consultations
  Access to medical aid brokers. Preferential rates on loans, proptery and vehicle finance, financial planning, as well as life and short-term insurance.
  Get discounts off your ticket price at most theatres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  Funeral benefits for yourself, your spouse and dependent children under 21
  Access to a study grant scheme
  Emergency evacuation, roadside assistance and a legal helpline available 24/7/365


  A Maternity benefit


SAGA has been elected as a member of the International Actors Federation (FIA), alongside Actors' Guilds and Unions from 68 countries, including SAG-AFTRA in the US, Canada's ACTRA and British Equity. Some of the benefits listed here are provided through FINCENTS, an authorized financial services provider. That is 100% owned by UASA, the Guild's coalition partner. For more information, visit www.uasa.org.za.

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